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Network scams are a common form of online fraud. From the classic "Nigerian 419" scam e-mail to foreign websites that rip off customers, there's no shortage of Internet criminals from around the world trying to separate you from your hard earned cash.


What works for one culture can be turned into a worldwide operation because of the Internet. For example, "Nigerian 419" scams began as a classic scam in Nigeria but has now reached worldwide levels of operation and targets many countries.


How to Detect and Avoid Network Scams: Three Important Tips:

Step One: When you feel like something is too good to be true, it probably is. If you receive an e-mail like this, it's probably a scam and will likely result in your safety and wallet being compromised.


Step Two: If you are suspicious about the website or offer that has come to your attention, do some research on the company before signing up for anything. There are numerous sites dedicated to exposing scams. A few examples are,, and


Step Three: If you have already signed up for something that has turned out to be a scam, report it in the hopes of protecting others. Even if you have been ripped off, reporting a site to one of the anti-scam sites will protect future victims from becoming ensnared in a scam.


Remember that while there are many scams around, it's just as important to remember that no matter how enticing an offer may appear, you should always take precaution before accepting anything that seems too good to be true.




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